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Talentspace is the first all-in-one live online career event platform. Bring your recruitment events online and let talents and employers connect and interact digitally.




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Everyone can organize an online recruiting event

Talentspace makes it easy and fun for recruiting event organizers to put together interactive  events. Whether you’re organizing an event for your students or your own company, for five or five hundred people, Talentspace is here for you.

University Career Services
In-House Recruiters
Recruiting Event Agencies

Build by organizers for organizers.

Talentspace is a European leader in offline recruiting events. Since 2014, we have brought together more than 20,000 individuals with over 500 employers. Now our mission is to help other recruiting event organizers make the move online.

We understand the urgent need for a suitable online recruiting event solution, but we also know that it’s not so simple to replicate the chemistry and connections of an offline event. That’s why we’ve built the Talentspace platform as the perfect digital venue for you to hold your online event on. The Talentspace platform allows you to focus on what you do best and create an event that truly belongs to you, without worrying about the technical implementation.

With Talentspace, it’s time to take your success online.

Design your recruiting experience

Whether you're bringing your physical event online or building a new initiative from the ground up, Talentspace provides the tools you need to create amazing online recruiting events.

Career Fair

Create virtual career booths and give your attendees and employers the option to request calls with each other.


Share knowledge creatively: breaking out into groups, returning to a main session, and splintering into one-on-one meetings.

Company Presentation

Traditional webinars tend to be one-sided. Talentspace drives engagement and interaction.

Made for any type of organizer

Talentspace events are perfect for any number of people, whether its five or five thousand — you can customise Talentspace to fit your goals.

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Build your next recruiting event in just minutes

Talentspace's modular approach means you can tailor the platform to create the exact event you need. It’s intuitive and comprehensive, with everything you need to host a successful recruiting event. Just plug and play our different modules to build your own unique experience. We make designing and running a recruiting event easier than ever before. 

Host companies in virtual rooms, where attendees can ask questions and watch companies interact with their colleagues and other attendees.
Attendees and companies can request and schedule live video calls directly with each other: think of it as a digital handshake.
Host your speaker in an intimate session while attendees ask questions, creating an interactive and fluid experience.


Allow attendees to register for your event, sign up for sessions, and more.

Attendee Database

Search through a database of all attending talents, filtering them according to their background and your needs.

Automated E-Mails

Talentspace sends automated reminder emails to your attendees to make sure they don’t miss your event.

Employer Profiles

Stylish and modern employer profile pages, which can be modified to display jobs, pictures, and videos.

Attendee Profiles

Comprehensive attendee profiles including professional and academic background, interests, and availability.

Powerful Analytics

View traffic sources, turnout percentages, referrals, and more insights, from a team with the experience and insight to explain.

Trusted by the world's leading organizations

Some of the world's leading companies and career centers already work with Talentspace.

One app, instead of many.

With TalentSpace you can have different event formats and features in one app, instead of using multiple different apps.

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In the news

Some of the world's leading companies already work with TalentSpace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are hesitating, do not worry - we are here to explain
everything you might want to know. Let us help!

Do you have individual employer profile pages?

Yes, we have extensive and comprehensive employer pages, as well as an employer overview page where students can filter through all the companies on your event.

Do employers have the ability to post their own job listings?

Yes, employers can post jobs and internship opportunities. They appear on their employer page and on an opportunities page.

Do candidates have their own individual pages?

Yes. Every candidate sets up a profile with their professional and academic history as well as any other relevant information.

Can candidates upload their resumes?

Yes. Candidates can upload their resumes, as well as projects they've worked on, the employment, company and industries they're looking for, their job and salary expectations, and the values that are important to them. It's all accessible via their candidate page.

Can employers save promising candidate profiles?

Yes. Employers can access candidate profiles and filter them based on numerous variables. Then they can save, favourite, comment on and share profiles amongst their team. The candidate will not be notified about this employer activity.

Can candidates and employers speak over video?

Yes. We have an integrated 1-to-1 video chat tool which opens in the browser - that means no need to download anything - as well as a scheduling tool to make creating appointments easy.

Does the video chat also work for a larger group?

Yes. Our integrated video tool also works with 1-to-many (i.e. a speaker presenting) or many-to-many (i.e. a group call) formats. The video tool offers a platform for multiple speakers, with the option to display speaker material (i.e. slides or a video presentation) as well. An integrated chat and Q&A (with upvoting functionality) helps keep everything as interactive as possible.

What are your data and privacy standards?

We're based in Germany, which has some of the highest data privacy regulations globally, and work with higher education institutions both public and private. As such, we adhere to the highest data privacy standards. We are fully GDPR compliant.

Is the pricing model per event or do you offer annual contracts?

We offer both event/exhibitor-based pricing and annual licenses. For the latter, we would prepare a custom quote based on your estimated number of events.

Will we have any technical support on the platform?

Yes, we offer onboarding sessions, platform training and live tech support during your events.

Ready to launch your online event?
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